Nice & Naughty

The female duo Nice & Naughty perform contemporary folk music playing stand-up bass, guitars, pennywhistle, and singing exquisite harmonies.

Nice & Naughty's original music speaks to all aspects of everyday life, from whimsical to poignant, serious to silly. Accompanied by stand-up bass, guitar and penny whistle, their exquisite harmonies are the highlight of their performance. Sometimes irreverent, but never rude, they're sure to appeal to all audiences!

Band members Peg Chaffee and Cheryl Sager have been performing music for many years in various genres and bands. Their repertoire is eclectic; from touching and sentimental (nice) to saucy and suggestive(naughty). Audiences praise Nice & Naughty as "very talented and entertaining", and "great songwriters" with "wonderful harmonies".

The Story of Nice & Naughty

Cheryl began performing with several friends and relatives in 1990 to 1992 until she and 3 other female musicians formed a band named Labrys. In 1999 the group went through a “divorce”,with Cheryl and one other member remaining. The two “adopted” Peg and the trio, remaining as Labrys, enjoyed success throughout Southern NH, MA, and Maine. Sadly, there as then another divorce. Cheryl got “custody” of Peg, and Nice & Naughty was born! The two decided to stay together as a duo and they remain happily together in musical bliss today.